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Benefits of Horse Joint Supplements for Your Elderly Horse

As your horse begins to age, he may be susceptible to joint problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using horse joint supplements can make a big different in combating these joint problems, and can also help with other issues older horses have. If your horse is growing older, and you want to make sure he is healthy and happy, here are some tips for caring for him.

Joint Diseases and Horse Joint Supplements

There are a variety of joint diseases that affect horses. Horse joint supplements have proven to be effective for treating, as well as preventing,symptoms of these diseases. Here are some of the areas horse joint supplements can help:
Arthritis- Also known as osteoarthritis and degenerative joint diseases, this joint disease is caused by the breakdown of cartilage around a horse’s joints. If your horse develops arthritis, you may notice a change in the horse’s behavior or performance. The horse may have difficulty walking, may have inflammation in the joint, or the joint may have heat in it. Arthritis can affect the following joints:

  • Spine
  • Stifle
  • Pastern Joints
  • Coffin Joints
  • Hocks
  • Fetlocks

Traumatic joint disease- After the age of two, new cartilage is not produced for your horse’s joints. As the horse grows older, the cartilage around his joints takes on a lot of wear and tear. This can make him susceptible to traumatic injuries, which can cause permanent lameness. There are several types of traumatic joint disease:

  • Synovitis, which is the swelling of the synovial membrane
  • Capsulitis, which is the swelling of the fibrous joint capsule
  • Bone fractures
  • Ligament tears

How Horse Supplements Help Joint Diseases

Everyone knows horses love to run. They are an active species who aren’t happy standing in a stall for long periods of time. However, older horses who suffer from joint diseases may find it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. You can help them by using horse joint supplements.

Horse supplements can help lubricate your horse’s joints, making it easier for them to walk around. They may also relieve some of the symptoms associated with joint diseases, such as inflammation, pain, and lack of flexibility. They also provide nutritional value to increase the overall health of your horse.

Along with horse supplements, it is important to consider other factors that will keep your horse healthy and happy, including:

  • Providing enough open space for your elderly horse to run around. Even though you can’t ride him anymore, he still needs to be able to exercise.
  • Feeding him a nutritional diet
  • Maintaining hoof and coat care to ensure health
  • Taking him to the vet for regular checkups
  • Giving him the love and attention he needs and deserves

When your horse is suffering from joint disease, consider using horse joint supplements. They will help your beloved equine overcome the symptoms of these diseases and get him on the road to recovery.

Source by M Hammersley

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