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Long Distance ATV Riding and Racing

ATVs are a shear blast of adrenalin and excitement. Just giving it full throttle and then and sending up a roster tail behind you as you cut sideways and then jet off in another direction at full-speed. Jumping is also fun and often you just have to go back and do it over and over again to get your fill of the rush of energy and feeling of leaving the ground and flying through the air. Indeed, ATVs are one of the most fun toys to come along in decades and yet sometimes riders and owners of ATVs want something a little more.

For instance they want to go somewhere on an ATV. Long-distance ATV rides are very fun and if you have an area of wilderness with wide trails they can be a lot of fin. Many of such areas are restricted to motorized vehicles of this kind, some even do not allow mountain bikes anymore because they scare hikers, horse riders and joggers on the trails.

Once you find a trail which is available for ATVs and it is 35-50 miles, well it makes the ideal long distance ride. The most fun trails are those, which have caution and warning signs all over them about the steep and dangerous terrain. Those are the ones you want to shoot for because those will be filled with excitement. But there are a few things you might consider;

  1. Do Not Go Alone
  2. Fill Up Your Gas Tank Completely Before You Go
  3. Take a GPS Unit and Cell Phone
  4. Wear Proper Gear
  5. Do Not Leave Later than 11:00 AM Due to Sunset Issues

As long as you do those things then you can experience the true joy of an all day ATV ride, even if the terrain is maximum skill level. If you are unsure about something slow down and be careful until you gain the confidence and skill level to really rip. Well, I got to Boggie Smoggie. See Ya!

Source by Lance Winslow

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