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Speedicut Boots – The Right Boots Can Protect Your Horse’s Legs Better

Wearing the right pair of riding boots is essential for every equestrian. However, boots are not just solely meant for the person riding the horse. They are also essentially worn by the horse. Horse boots are worn by the animal to protect its legs from injuries during racing or traveling. Horse boots are typically wrapped around the legs of the horse with the feet left uncovered. Most of them are made of leather or padded fabric and can be secured with buckles and straps.

Get your horse a set of speedicuts

You should considering getting speedicut boots for your horse. These boots are similar to brushing boots that are used for prevention of scratches caused by friction when the horse’s feet rubs against its legs. Like brushing horse boots, they can function as protectors for general purposes to avoid bumps and knocks and they can be secured on the rear and front legs while being fastened by Velcro straps.

Protect your horse’s legs with the best fit

Speedicut boots are able to protect the upper legs of the horse so they are placed in a position that is higher compared to brushing boots. They should fit properly to prevent slipping while your horse is on-the-go. However, make sure that the straps can be adjusted to a suitable fit that won’t make your horse feel uncomfortable. The boots have to be lightweight so they won’t hinder your horse’s speed and movement. Padded ones can be comfortable but make sure that they are not too thick because the extra weight can slow the horse down.

Speedicut boots should also be chosen according to the shape and size of your horse’s leg to ensure a snug yet perfect fit. With the right set, you and your horse can be on your way to a more fun ride or race while making sure that both of you are comfortable.

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