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Twisted X Boots 101 – A Look at Their Company and Current Selections

Twisted X has always been a household name for people who use, love and live for boots. Why so? Well because they use their years of experience in boot making to produce not only good looking but quality and tough boots that every cowboy or cowgirl would die for to wear. But beyond their boot making history and feats, there are so many things and information that you should know about Twisted X and their line of footwear. What are those facts? Read on and you will know.

The Company

As the owner candidly puts it, they have been into the business of making cowboy and work boots for “gazillion” of years. Throughout those years, the company has managed to outlive and outlast their other competitors because they work with a single purpose: to create better boots all the time. And for them, better means lighter, breathable, more comfortable and more durable boots for everybody to wear.

The Collection

Twisted X Boots currently released 3 collections of cowboy boots and they are the following:

  1. Gold Buckle Collection
  2. Silver Buckle Collection
  3. Red Buckle Collection

Gold Buckle Collection

This collection is made especially for real cowboys at work. This collection has two categories under it namely:

  1. Buckaroo – has under slung heels and long bases that give the cowboy/ cowgirl more stability while working.
  2. Ruff Stock – also has under slung heels and long bases but the Ruff Stock boots are made of softer leather and they have extended welt and midsole.

Silver Buckle Collection

This collection has 8 styles and these are the following:

  1. Cattleman – designed to give comfort to cattlemen/ cattlewomen who spend more time walking than riding a horse.
  2. Horseman – is designed to have a soft crepe outsole to make riding and walking during horse shows bearable
  3. Buckaroo
  4. Hunter – perfect for stalking animals, walking and running while hunting. These Twisted X Boots provide extra protection as they are oil resistant and a lining is added to them to protect the wearer from varmints.
  5. Ruff Stock
  6. Western – cowboy boots bearing the traditional design of the west
  7. Roper – specially built for ropers because these have trim welt and outsole patterns. These boots are usually plain and simple, perfect for cowboys who have conservative taste.
  8. Stockman – this variety is the lighter and more fashionable version of the roper.

Red Buckle Collection

This line provides cowboys boots for casual wear. This collection currently has 8 designs including:

  1. EZ Rider – barn boots perfect for cowboys whose tasks include washing the livestock and cleaning the animal stalls.
  2. Barn Burner – these are what the company would call fun boots because of their unique and intricate designs.
  3. Chuck Up – boots made for casual wear
  4. Prairie Dog
  5. Cowboy Shoe – alternative for cowboy boots
  6. Cow Dog – contrary to other designs, cow dogs are slip on’s that are designed with twin gore fit
  7. All Around – perfect for cowboys who love to multi – task
  8. Calf Roper – are not slip resistant, made of lightweight materials and are not suitable for work related abuse

Note that those are not all the company can offer. Twisted X also caters to making boots/ shoes made for the industrial setting.

Source by Jenny Carson

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