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UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an “international city.” That’s a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

The Vatican was behind this vile idea and persuades her puppet politicians to support it. Jesuit-fascists have been laying in wait, patiently working underground, eager to emerge and spring their GRAND DESIGN upon an unsuspecting world: GERMANY’S FOURTH REICH – the revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire!

Captive Jerusalem – held hostage to foreign ideas and alien restraints – would be subject to remote control by an imposed “GOVERNOR” and his entourage of “INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS.” These proposed ministers of Church and State are to be neither citizens of Israel or Palestine. Watch for these seats to be filled with dormant monarchs from Europe (Part III. City of Jerusalem).

The Bible brands this counterfeit “King of kings” as THE BEAST! (Rev.13:18, 17:12). Such a royal European “governor” (promoted by the pope, endorsed by the Vatican, and stamped with the German mark of approval) – an anointed Merovingian Messiah – will wage an unholy war against all opposition! This modern Antiochus Epiphanes (“god in the flesh”) will strike the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” and unleash the “Great Tribulation” of WWIII!

This blueprint of the Beast is laid out before our very eyes, yet precious few take it seriously – for now. Many ridicule any idea of a threat from Fortress Europe and most probably won’t wake up until it’s too late!

Normally, even the most liberal Jews are against any division of Jerusalem. But these are not normal times! Some Jews were prophesied to sell out their people and homeland! Why? They’ll fall for EUROPE’S BIG LIE of “peace and security.” Meanwhile, Europe flatters such KAPOS OF COMPROMISE and appeasement, stroking their egos with political attention, promising them a place in the “New Jerusalem” while setting Israel up for a fall.

However, other Jews might be misled by this false messiah; a Germanic governor, the “Great King” claiming descent from the Royal House of David. After all, isn’t a scion of King David destined to rule? Yes – but according to the Torah, the Holy Bible – not as a bloody sword and servant of the Catholic Church! To help clear up any confusion, the Great God of the Bible promises to call upon Two Witnesses – in the bold spirit of Elijah – to testify against Europe’s counterfeit kingdom and expose it for what it is: a LIE FROM HELL!

The accursed UN Resolution 181 has laid the groundwork for the fulfillment of many prophecies! It stretches the mark of the Crusader-Kingdom’s borders to include 100 square miles around Jerusalem. We can expect such an area to be flooded with peacekeeping troops – “an army of peace.” The Bible calls the bluff of the Beast’s buffer zone and forewarns it signals Jerusalem’s attack (Luke 21:20).

We should watch for a string of events – rigged by Germany and the Jesuits (who control Europe) – to gear up for a European onslaught! The Jerusalem theater of war is being prepared right now as Germany and the Vatican push for a bloody “Palestinian” state! They plan on wiping Israel’s God-given name off the map! (Ps. 83).

This evil European intrigue knows full well that such a state of chaos and confusion will destabilize the region! That’s exactly what they want! Europe plans on riding in on their white horse as the Savior – disguised as “peacekeepers” to prevent WWIII. They’ll rush to the scene and appear as “mediators” to stop the madness. However, their white horse is a Trojan Horse that will shock and betray both Arab and Jew!

To invite the Europeans into the Middle East is an invitation for disaster! Their white horse will turn blood red when the wild beast tramples Jerusalem! Europe’s new crusade will forcibly impose their German mark, the Vatican’s false vision of peace, upon the Middle East! Fatima’s folly will engulf the world with nuclear flames! The marionettes of Mariolatry (wolves in sheep’s clothing) will be held responsible for such a holocaust! The Two Witnesses will take the stand in Jerusalem before a world court to condemn them! (Micah 6:2).

The European combine – driven by Germany – is about to thresh the nations! They are on an unholy mission to fulfill their false religion. Their self-righteous and misguided zeal will deal harshly with all who dare oppose their heresy and hypocrisy. Ironically, Jerusalem is the threshing floor that will eventually blow them away (Micah 4:12). The real Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) will soon make the Catholic chaff history! The God of Israel will rebuke them from His holy mountain, the Temple Mount – and grab the Beast and False Prophet by the scruffs of their neck and throw them into the Lake of Fire! (Dan. 2:35). The Holy One of Israel will purify the Earth of their evil presence and rid Jerusalem of their Roman occupation (Malachi 3:3).

Before this wondrous Jubilee celebration, making null and void every asinine agreement and treacherous treaty, announced by the Two Witnesses: coveted Jerusalem will be “established as a corpus separatum (separate body) under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations.” In other words, the Crusader-Kingdom of Jerusalem will have been restored. With European royals who hail from the House of David to boot! They’ll have ripped out and stolen the heart of Israel (Jerusalem) for their occult purposes. They’ll have seized the coveted crown jewel (the Temple Mount) to adorn their delusion and mount their offensive!

The accursed UN Resolution 181 enables the “Governor” of Jerusalem, who is exposed as a Beast, to seize emergency powers in the event of any threat, real or imagined, as he deems necessary. How convenient. All he has to do is create a crisis. This sets the stage for Jerusalem’s Crusader-King to become a DICTATOR.

This Dictator will be given a free hand to break bones under Security measures (Section 4): To keep law and order within the City, with focus on the holy sites, the Governor “shall organize a special police force; the members of which shall be recruited outside of Palestine (European Rapid Deployment Force). The Governor shall be empowered to (spend whatever is)necessary for the maintenance of this force”.

Jerusalem’s Governor-Dictator can make or break his own rules! Basically, under the cloak of protection/security clause, a serious security breach, the governor can become a virtual dictator if he feels his administration is hampered or threatened; he can veto any bills that he considers inconsistent with his paranoid sense of security. He’s offered the powers of darkness, the kingdoms of this world, by exerting his “Special powers of the Governor in respect of the Holy Places in the City and in any part of Palestine. The protection of the Holy Places located in the City of Jerusalem shall be a special concern of the Governor; The Governor shall be empowered to make decision on the basis of existing rights in cases of (religious) disputes he may be assisted by a consultative council of representatives of different denominations (or he may not!).”

In other words, this Governor-Dictator – in his hour of darkness – can do what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants, not only in Jerusalem but throughout the Holy Land, with special emphasis on religious issues and sacred sites! The Devil stays focused whether or not God’s People do: He knows the great and holy importance of Jerusalem to God and His Prophets. Jerusalem is the bottom line of any “peace process.” It bears God’s own signature. Satan fought to seize God’s throne in Heaven and now he’s after his seat on Earth: Jerusalem’s Temple Mount!

The Governor-Dictator of Jerusalem will closely monitor and control freedom of worship and freedom of access: UN Resolution 181, Chapter 2: Religious and Minority Rights (1) reveals that “Freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of worship, subject only to the maintenance of public order and morals, shall be ensured to all” – in other words, if militant Muslims threaten to riot or wage war when Christian-Zionists or Jews are finally free to worship upon the Temple Mount, such religious liberty – for “maintenance of public order” will be DENIED! The sacrifices (soon to start) will be forcibly stopped!

The Governor-Beast power, his administration from Hell, is supposed to last for an initial trial of ten years. (The Nazi Reich lasted for twelve). History warns that “absolute power absolutely corrupts.” Who is so foolish to believe that someone with such sweeping powers would relinquish self-control? The Nazi March of Folly won’t stop on its own accord, especially when Jerusalem’s dictator can declare a state of emergency and slam the door shut for dissent, case closed, fate sealed. The Bible reveals the worst of it will last three and a half years, during which time some will receive shelter from the Storm, a safe haven from the Holocaust (Isa. 26:20, Rev. 12:14).

The Two Witnesses will be offered divine immunity (during God’s witness protection program of three and a half years) to enable them to bluntly reveal the dark secrets that hide behide the Vatican’s veil (Isa. 47). They’ll speak the plain truth, an outspoken message with miracles, and then God will permit their murder (Rev. 11:7). God will not permit anyone to touch them – his anointed – until after they’ve had ample opportunity to plead their case before the nations (Ps. 105:15). Then after three and a half days they’ll be back with a vengeance! Their earth-shaking resurrection to mortal life will be in full view of a captive audience who will watch their flight departure to join the chosen few waiting (in the wings of the wilderness) for the imminent arrival of our King – the real Jesus Christ (Rev. 11:11).

In summary, the brute Beast and False Prophet (a counterfeit Elijah who will promote and induct the false messiah/governor into office) will soon take center-stage. However, the Two Witnesses will shine the spotlight on these mortal men and expose the wannabe divine “emperor has no clothes” (Rev. 13:18).

UN Resolution 181 is the blueprint of the Beast! It reveals its evil intentions like Hitler’s Mein Kampf exposed his warped will for the whole world to read and heed – if only they had. It is Europe’s Final Solution for Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East.

Germany and the Vatican push for a prickly “Palestinian” state since they know they can enter the great divide, the Great Rift, with the “Great King” when both parties demand Jerualem for their own and possess it; they intend to ride the wave of the “Palestinian” state with the Vatican crest. They’ll use this Resolution as a ruse to enter the breach and consolidate their hold. Then they’ll abruptly dismiss with it (having seized dictatorial powers) and bare their poisonous, ugly fangs!

The Beast-Dictator will overwhelm all mankind, yet target the Anglo-Saxon Israelites and Jews to bear the brunt of his wrath. His nuclear scourge will crucify and behead our position as “leader of the free world.” This mystic “Governor” of Jerusalem’s conjured Kingdom (summoned from the abyss of Catholic history) will command EUROPE’S NEW CRUSADE with an unimaginable fury. His unheard of hatred, barbaric hostility and primitive blood-lust will jolt even the jaded. The dark powers of the Beast know that this is their last chance, the last round, before the coming of the Heavenly King of the Jews, the Holy One of Israel.

The Two Witnesses will soon rise and shine in a world of darkness (Isa. 60:1). These two prophets – one in mind and purpose in the spirit of Elijah – will prepare the way for the brilliant descent of our God-King from the sky, not from Europe or the earth (Dan. 7:13). The Two Witnesses will herald the coming of the legitimate heir to King David’s Throne in Jerusalem who will destroy the bastard from Babylon! The abominable blueprint of the beast will be history and the Torah will show us the way, as we worship in the Royal “House of Prayer for all nations.”

Source by David Ben-Ariel

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