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What Are The 3 Best Supplements For Building Muscles?

How do supplements for building muscles work? To answer this question, you first have to learn how the process of building muscle mass goes.

The process of body building seems easy. All you have to do is lift weights, eat the right nutrition and take the best muscle building supplements, right? There comes a time when you’ll hit a plateau, but you can snap out of it with the help of supplements, too. So how do your muscles work and how do supplements boost their growth?

There are 2 forms of muscle fibers in your body, namely:

  • Type 1 muscle fibers, a.k.a. slow twitch muscle fibers
  • Type 2 muscle fibers, a.k.a. fast twitch muscle fibers

Type 1 muscle fibers are in-charge when you perform endurance exercises, while type 2 muscle fibers are large muscle fibers that help with your muscular strength and size when you’re strength training. Your muscles grow if you damage your type 2 fibers through weight lifting and applying enough tension to activate your satellite cells. These cells are located on top of your muscles and they aid in growing, maintaining and repairing your muscles. Doing heavy lifting activates your satellite cells. When you lift heavy weights, micro tears form in your muscular fibers which then results to the production of satellite cells where they proceed to damaged areas in your muscles. Satellite cells utilize protein substances from your nutrition storehouse to strengthen and thicken your muscles. That’s how you grow buff and beefy.

Supplements for building muscles have been developed by scientists to enhance this muscle growth process. These supplements work on your energy, hormonal and nutritional systems for faster bodybuilding. What are the 3 best supplements for building muscles?

  1. Hormonal supplements– the 2 types of these supplements for building muscles are testosterone boosters and growth hormones. Testosterone is a naturally-occurring hormone in the body and it helps in improving muscle-protein synthesis. What testosterone boosters do is increase your testosterone levels because its production may be hampered by certain factors. Growth hormone supplements, on the other hand increase your body production of growth hormones so that you’ll build muscles. Aging and high training loads diminish your GH production that’s why you need a boost through supplements.
  2. Energy supplements– the most effective energy supplements for muscle building are caffeine and creatine. You have to be wary because some energy supplements induce weight loss which may go against you muscle building gains. You therefore have to stick to caffeine and creatine energy supplements for building muscles. Caffeine is the pick-me-up substance in your coffee. It blocks the brain chemicals that encourage sleep. When you take caffeine supplements, you’ll have faster heart beat, your airways open and blood flow to your muscles increase. Caffeine supplements improve your muscle building workouts. Take it before strength training and you’ll do more reps. It enhances your overall strength. Training harder becomes more possible with the help of caffeine supplements. Meanwhile, creatine supplements boosts your amino acids supply. It’s easier to do a few extra reps with the oomph provided by creatine, thereby helping you to grow stronger and bigger. Your muscle cells become hydrated and in turn hastens muscle recovery and growth.
  3. Nutritional supplements for muscle recovery– these supplements are taken to augment your diet. You can’t supplement your way to good nutrition alone. Supplements have to go with a healthy diet. One necessary nutritional supplement for building muscles is whey protein. Taking whey protein shake as post workout nutrition improves muscle repair and recovery. Another essential nutrient is fish oil which is rich in omega-3 vitamins. Taking this supplement reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation to the brain and fortifies your cell’s membrane. Fish oil supplements is also one of best supplements for building muscles that promote faster muscle recovery when training.

Source by Walter H Menuet

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