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What is the Best Way to Care Your Italian Charm Bracelet?

Are you taking good care of your Italian charm bracelet? Caring for you bracelet can vary depending on the materials that they are made of. Most of them are made of stainless steel, some are made of gold and some are just gold plated links.

The best way to store the bracelet is to link the charms together like a bracelet. Even those that you are not using, you can link the charms together into one bracelet and store this individually in a jewelry box or pouch.

But before you store them away, make sure to clean it first. Italian charms made of 18 karat gold or stainless steel should not tarnish or rust even if use daily. But constant exposure to dust, dirt, and sweat from your skin will give a dull appearance of charms. So it is best to clean your jewelry regularly.

What to do to clean your charms bracelet:

  • A jewelry polishing cloth is all you need to clean it. Do this regularly or even once a week will do. It will maintain its sparkle and will always look like new.
  • If you are not using it, store it in a separate pouch or jewelry box to avoid it getting scratch with other jewelries.

What to avoid with your Italian charms bracelet:

  • Remove it when you go shower or go swimming. Also when you do household chores like washing dishes, remove your bracelet to prevent it from exposing to chemicals or cleaning solvents.
  • When you are engaged in hard core sports, remove the bracelet. Italian charms are quite known for its durability but it’s still better to avoid any rough contact to preserve it.
  • Be extra careful when you clean dangling charms to prevent damage.

So taking care of your bracelet is all too easy and not complicated at all. It is important to take very good care of it for this will last for a long time. You can even hand it down to your generation.

Indeed Italian charm bracelets are becoming a collector’s item. Each charm holds dear memories to the person who owns it and sharing it to him/her future generation is the best treasure you can leave your children and grand children.

So make sure to care for your bracelet extensively and you will be ensured to have it for a long time and for sure will be able to hand it down to your children and even your grandchildren. The memories that this charms hold will be handed down to generations and will remain in the hearts of the person who holds it.

So just remember to clean your charm bracelet with a polishing cloth and warm water. Pat it dry and store it away in pouch or jewelry box. Make sure to store it individually from your other jewelry to avoid getting scratch. And lastly, remove your bracelet when you go shower or swimming. When you do household chores or even when you are participating in strenuous sports.

All this you remember and take note and your charm bracelet will be in good hands. You will be assured to preserve it and will last for a long time.

Source by Pierre Smith

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